Monday, 4 February 2013

January Favourites

Hello Everyone!!! Hope you had a amazing Christmas and a new year!!! I decided to take some time off work now that I look back, I can't really tell where the seven weeks went (Yes 7 weeks!!!) Well to be fair 4 of them were on a holiday in India. And I managed to pick up a few really good items (clothing) while shopping there.... I am sure they will make their appearance on here in OOTD posts.

But coming back to the current post.... These were my absolute favourites of January 2013... I have been using them religiously and besides confessions of concealaholic...all of them were new additions...

Benefit Confessions of Concealaholic :

As with all benefit products, I love the name and the packaging on this one. The two main products that I use a lot from this palette, are 'Boing' Concealer and 'That Gal' primer. I love the fact that it has both shades of Boing in that you can play around with it and get the shade that best suites you.
It also has
'Lemon-aid' which is eye primer. (I feel it is too dry and prefer MAC paint-pot or Urban Decay potion)
'Erase Paste' which is described as melon toned corrector for under eye circles and is meant to be used for dark discolourations. ( I do use this ocassionally for really dark under eye circles.)
'Eye-Bright' which is a pink toned brightener.

Batiste Dry Shampoo:

I had been putting off getting a dry shampoo inspite of reading so many good reviews of them. I wasn't sure if it would really work... but now I don't know what I would do without it... It is perfect for hair like me which get greasy on the second day of shampooing itself. This helps me avoid washing my hair every single day and your hair feels nice and fresh.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow :

I am not much of a have coverage foundation girl and so used to stick to tinted moisturiser. But I decided to give it a go while browsing Benefit counter and was immediately impressed. It is light to medium coverage and in my opinion looks very natural. (My husband agreed!!!). I think I may have found my perfect foundation after all!!!

and best of all.....

MAC 'Sincere' Sheer Tone Blush :

I went to the MAC counter asking for 'Buff' after reading a lot of reviews. I was looking for a good natural looking blush. The MUA recommended 'Sincere' for me and she put Buff one one side and Sincere on other side of the face and I was sold...!!! 'Sincere' is described by MAC as muted beige/coral. I think this is a perfect blush for a very natural look and if you don't already have this, then a must-try on your next visit to MAC counter.

Have you tried any new products lately? What were your favourites in the last month?

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  1. Wow that benefit palette looks awesome! I'm going to have to look out for it.

    Jessi in Wonderland


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