Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Marie Claire February 2013 Freebies

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I know!! Another freebie post!! But I tried to search for similar post and couldn't find anything, so I thought it was worth sharing ....

With the latest issue of Marie Claire you get a free sample size skin care product by Shiseido. I could only get hold of one with Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam (30 ml). I have used it a couple of times already and I must say that I am liking it. It is perfect for travelling!
I don't remember what the other options were and I have thrown away the wrapper, but let me know if any of the other options are good...


  1. Thanks for the post! That looks fab! Where did you get your copy from? Haven't been able to find one that comes with the freebies anywhere :(

    1. Hi Zane,

      Thanks for the comment! I got mine from my local Asda... Have you checked WHSmith? It usually is the best place in terms of availabilities of freebies... ;)


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