Saturday, 16 February 2013

Coloured Jeans/ Trouser Outfit Ideas

Hello all,

I am absolutely in love with coloured jeans these days....They seem to brighten up the dull and dark winter days and provide a welcome break from usual blacks and greys of winter.....
Below are some outfit ideas using my Maroonish-red coloured jeans from Primark. I love the quality on this jeans....It is soft, has a nice skinny fit and have a great range of colours.

Outfit 1 :
 Jumper : H&M  £ 19.99  I can't find the exact same one online but some similar ones available here.
 Jeans : Primark  £11. Available in lots of colours and in short as well as tall .
 Shoes :  Next £38. (My favourite comfy trainers for winter.)

Outfit 2 :
Polka dot button down sleeveless shirt : Primark £10 approx. Love how it is longer at the back.
Shoes : H&M £14.

Outfit 3 :
Top : H&M £14.99. This is a lovely sparkly embellished top from H&M.
Shoes : M&S £19.99 approx. Lovely peep-toe patent nude pumps...surprisingly comfortable.

Let me know what you think of the above outfits??

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  1. Oh I love those colored jeans! I actually don't own any colored jeans but those are pretty! I really like the middle outfit with the polka-dots! Love your blog :D


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