Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Model's Own 'Bottle' shop at Westfield White City

How cool is this Model's Own bottleshop store? I know this is not new but for some reason I just kept forgetting to click pictures on my earlier visits...

I love Model's own nail polishes and was so happy to see this 'Bottle' shop. Almost made me want to play like the little girl in the top left picture.... I restrained myself to just buying 2 nail polishes and one lip gloss.
I got Northern Lights from their Wonderland collection  Mixed Up nail polishes and Berry nice lip gloss.

Northern lights is a lovely pink glitter nail polish and although like all glitter polishes it can be difficult to remove, it is so worth it....This is currently my favourite glitter nail polish. It does need three coats to be completelty opaque though.

Mixed up is a black paint with multi coloured micro glitter. Again another lovely glitter polish by Model's Own.

Berry Nice is as the name suggests a nice berry coloured lip gloss. This is my first Model's own lip gloss and it is nicely pigmented and lasts long enough.

Have you visited Model's Own bottle shop?What do you think of it?

If you don't live near Westfield white city then you can always buy Model's own products at Boots or online through their website.

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