Friday, 8 March 2013

NOTD : Konad Stamping

A Nail Art post today as I am quite happy with how both these turned out and I got a lot of compliments at work for these nails...

Zebra Print Nail Art Using Kiko 316 and Konad m57 plate

I guess I love this nail art so much is because I love all the individual items that have been used in this.

First, the absolutely gorgeous plum shade that Kiko 316 Red Violet ... If you haven't tried any Kiko nail polishes yet, then you must absolutely try one. I picked this up from their Westfield store and I think it was on offer at that time...I remember it being ridiculously cheap. However, they are always available on Kiko website here for £3.90. I am currently lusting after their 389-Mint Milk shade and new Limited Edition Colours of the World collection.

Formula on this polish is amazing, applies very easily, is highly pigmented and is opaque in 2 coats. I applied three though. The brush is good too.. wide enough for nice coverage... It is long lasting with just one/two minor chips on the 6th day...

Secondly, one of the most popular Konad plate ever..m57.   This plate has got 3 full nail designs, 2 lacy borders and one with 3 separate flowers.I used Konad special polish in black. I am yet to find any other black polish which can be used for stamping. If you guys know of any, please leave a comment.

There are lots of video tutorials on you tube to help with stamping. It is delightfully easy to use and you can create some very complicated nail art and enjoy compliments ;). 

My tips for Konad stamping : 
1) Make sure while scraping, you don't scrape too hard. I used to get a little carried away first couple of times.
2) Similarly, while picking up the stamp , don't stamp too hard. The softly you do it, the better it will pick up.
3) You will have to work quickly from the point of scraping onwards, otherwise the stamp will not transfer.

This above design is another one of my favourites to do. Both Stamps are from the same plate as you can see. I used one of the Miss Sporty shades as base ( I think it is called Fall in Lasting colour range) and stamped the fish net design first followed by the flowers stamp...

Let me know what you think... :)


  1. I do like how your plum mani turned out, and lol @ the scraping too hard tip, I admit i've made that mistake before >.<

    1. Thanks... I love this Konad plate...and It is nice to know that I am not the only one who did that.. :)


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