Saturday, 3 November 2012

Striping Tape Nail Art

I guess I was not quite ready to give up on summer when I did these nails. I started with painting Model's Own Jade Stone. But then I felt that it was a little too bright for the weather we are having. So I decided to add a really wintery colour (Revlon's Plum Night). I love both these shades on its own, but I think together they look even more beautiful. This was done using striping tapes (ebay - £1.95 for 10 pcs here). This can be time consuming and sometimes fiddly....but perfect for while catching up on some TV shows....
Formula on both these polishes is great. First coat is a bit streaky, but nothing that can't be evened out in the second coat.
Tip : It is best to cut all the pieces of striping tape in one go and sticking on the edge of the table, as you don't want to be using a scissor or trying to find the end of striping tape with freshly painted nails...

Let me know if you would like to see a detailed tutorial on this nail art....

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